Howl-larious is a multi-platform media company with core competencies in animation and online

Promoting art around the world. It’s founded and creates by artists Royi Akavia in 2007 (

We will continue our mission to foster the art of animation and creativity.


By offering personal animation space on the site for its users. By display and share their creations. And provide them with the opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind “Art Talking” Pet Talking and Online Ad’s that includes an animated message spoken by your own voice.


Our goal is to reach the tens of millions of collector’s gallery’s owners and art lovers throughout the world


Howl-larious seeks to establish an ongoing relationship with its users and leverage that strategy to extend and acquire site traffic and strengthen its online community. and also enables to reach a significantly older and larger audience. By intrudes our art collection that will lead for sale and recondition



The cost of one animate art is price of $50.00

(One art image and one voice over) A maximum of 60 seconds is recommend for viewer attention.


Howl-larious will email finished animation to the artist / user and will upload all videos online broadcast on the customer’s website or other sites (i.e. YouTube,, Google + and any and all video-sharing websites.

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